#GPEchallenge #CreateHappiness

Just like with Good People Everywhere, #GPEchallenge strives to prove that the world is actually a wonderful place. Negative news of accidents, disasters, and death, from all over the world, bombard us throughout our day. Sometimes it can be difficult to see the positive in life, no matter how hard we search. When we do see an uplifting story, we can feel like our faith has been restored, in both ourselves and in society, but what if we came across stories like this every day? It could take our daily lives, our relationship with our family, friends, or even strangers, to a whole new level. It could open our eyes to the good that people are doing that can often be drowned out by the deafening reports of the downright depressing. Maybe, in this world, we would be more inclined to reach out when we, ourselves, are feeling down. Maybe, seeing the selfless acts of others and through the stories we share, we might be encouraged to do good ourselves.

The #GPEchallenge aims to spread good, joy, and happiness, on all platforms. Be it a random act of kindness by a stranger on the street, a good deed done for a loved one, or a heartwarming anecdote for which we are not even involved, sharing these moments can be truly uplifting. Beyond this, we should try and share the moments where we feel truly happy, our cherished memories with our new puppy, spending time with our families, or sharing a new experience with a friend - the things that fill our hearts and remind us what it means to be human.

Even the smallest of gestures can make our day. Anything can have an impact. A smile. A hug. A text from a friend. These things remind us of the good in the world, and can help us traverse the difficult paths we may venture upon.

In order for these events to bring joy to others, and for good to spread with lightning speed, participants can challenge their friends, tag people with whom they have done something good together, or to whom they are simply grateful for anything. They can also share images, videos, and text with the hashtags #GPEchallenge and #CreateHappiness. Searching for these, you can come across content shared by others from around the world, so the cycle is eternal and positive news reaches every corner of the globe.

The challenge has no specific timeline, as good deeds never become obsolete and people are constantly acting on them. There are always more wonderful stories to share that can inspire others and show that there are plenty of caring people in the world.

How can I participate?

Facebook: Share an inspirational story. Post pictures and videos of good deeds you see. Create a group and share to your own wall and other pages.

Instagram: Post images or video content, along with text. Stories can also be shared as Instagram stories, but those are only available for 24 hours. If we see a motivating post or story on someone else’s page, it can also be shared in an Instagram story, so our own followers can also see those inspiring posts. 

TikTok: A creatively edited short video, or a short material made in a situation that is currently having a positive effect. 

Twitter: Any content with short tweet, even sharing (video) links about the good deeds of other people around the world.

YouTube: Live or edited video content, even telling a positive story in a vlog.

And don’t forget to use #GPEchallenge and #CreateHappiness !

It is very important for us to believe in each other and see how many selfless acts there are in the world. We have the technology ready in our hands to achieve this. Let’s use social media for its main purpose: to connect with each other to truly be a COMMUNITY. Together, all of us.